Recommended Venues in the Gay Village

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Find our recommended venues in and around the Gay Village by clicking the establishment name on the right and the map will display their location and information.

This page also has information about parking when visiting the Gay Village.

Where can I Park in or near the Gay Village?

The parking bays in the Village near the club are free after 8 pm until 8 am the following morning.

If you arrive earlier than 8 pm then these spaces cost £2.70 per hour but you are only allowed to stay for two hours if you park anytime before 8pm.

If you have hotel accommodation in the area then it can be useful to feed the parking meter for up to 2 hours which will carry over to the following morning from 8 am allowing you to park until 10 am. You only get this max of two hours if you feed the meter after 8pm.

A little bit further away in Charles street there is a multi-storey car park in which you can park from 4 pm on a Wednesday evening till midnight for only £2 so this is the best value but a bit further to walk.

If you wish to visit the village on either a Saturday or a Sunday then you can park in this Charles street car park all day for just £2 which is much cheaper than anywhere else.

If you cannot find an available meter space then my advice, at least till you get to know the area, is to park either in the Bloom street car park or the Chorlton street multi-storey car park but these can be very expensive.

FINALLY NEVER EVER park in a disabled bay unless you have the relevant display card. It doesn't matter what time it is or day of the week, your car will be towed away and you will have to pay about £140 to get it back. It is simply not worth it.